I wanted  something special for a friend who was born in Lima, Perú and lived there until she was 18 years old. She now lives in Austin TX with her adorable husband, who is a foodie and loves to try all kinds of foods (my kind of guy). Of course, he is biased towards “Peruvian” cuisine.

So, I decided to I get alfajores and empanaditas (small empanadas) from Selina’s Manq’a’ Catering.

What is an alfajor some of you may be asking? An alfajor (top picture) is a traditional confection found in South America, Spain, The Philippines,  southern Brazil and southern France. The South American alfajor differs from the Spanish alfajor in that it is made with two round cookies with dulce de leche (or in Peru called “manjar blanco“) or some other sweet filling “sandwiched” in between. 



Empanadas  may sound more familiar. Also found in most countries in Latin America, in Spain and The Philippines, it is a savory a pastry folded, filled with meat, cheese, spinach or other ingredients, that is baked or fried. In Peru the empanadas are baked (makes us believe that they are healthier :-)). When I was growing up in Lima we only had meat, cheese or spinach empanadas. Today you can find many varieties of fillings such as ‘aji de gallina’ or ‘lomo saltado’.

Well,  needless to say, I was very happy with my purchase of Selina’s alfajores and empanaditas.  My friend was delighted with them, not only did they like the flavors and textures, reminiscent of the happy years of her youth in Lima, but they were delivered to her door in a beautiful presentation. Here the comments she texted me a soon as  she received them:

“We dove right into the empanadas and alfajores. They are fabulous. Also, so pretty the way she boxed them. Thank you so much”

For New Year’s Selina has a wide range of dishes available for delivery or pick up in the Austin, Texas area. Not only Peruvian but also international dishes, especially during this time she is preparing her empanadas filled with meat, ‘aji de gallina’ or spinach, and a variety of traditional desserts. Check out her gallery of dishes on her website, Selina’s Manq’a

Delivery is an additional cost, depending on where in Austin you want it delivered. I choose delivery as it is very convenient. The delivery was on time, something I always appreciate. When you request delivery remember to include the delivery address in your order/request!

I leave you with a few trivia questions (answered) and Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Trivia Q1 : Did you know that Argentina is today the world’s largest consumer of alfajor?

Trivia Q2 : Did you know that Selina studied at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu of Culinary Arts in Austin, where she graduated with honors?

Trivia Q3 : Did you know the potato is originally from Perú and there are 3000 different types of potatoes in the Andes alone?