I love how my friend Susie puts it, “Because when you accessorize with one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, you just don’t walk, you FLY! And PRETTY you already are!” and “let’s face it, we all NEED jewelry”.

Susie is the owner and designer of Fly Pretty Jewelry. Her jewelry is really distinctive, I browsed thru her Facebook photos and like and appreciate the art that is in each of the pieces she has designed.  All handmade by her in Louisville, Kentucky, where she now lives with her husband.

A longtime friend, Susie and I went to school together for 12 years! Yes, kindergarten to senior high. After we graduated from high school we parted, as most school mates, and each of use followed our careers and dreams. We reunited later at a high school reunion, then another one and kept in touch through our Facebook school group. She was living happily in south Florida when she was introduced to the love of her life, who she says, “tricked her into moving” to Kentucky were she not only found her soul mate but rediscovered her passion, designing and making jewelry, something she says she had not pursued “early in life for a number of reasons”.

“Not only am I interested in creating visually appealing jewelry, I also look for exotic stones that many people have never seen or heard of and find them in interesting shapes. I listen to customers who are looking for something to complement an outfit and try to create a piece that matches her taste” says Susie,  and when you see the photos of her alluring designs in her Facebook, I think you will agree with this statement.

Here are two of my favorite:

Amethyst Set

Because I love purple. This set is already sold but you can ask Susie to create a similar one, as each of her pieces is a one-of-a-kind design.

Garnet faceted with 10k gold plated drop earring

The Xmas red garnet stone puts me in the happy holiday spirit, (I can picture myself wearing them all year round for any special occassion!)

So why not get one piece for you and one for a friend. Hurry to shop earlier as she ships her jewelry.  And you know how busy it gets closer to Xmas.!

If you have an idea or need jewelry for a special occasion, Susie says she will be happy to accept the challenge!

Happy Holidays!

Susie and Maria
VM 78, the year we graduated