How much times have changed!

Our lives are different and for the most it has brought good things for some of us.  We are staying at home, closer to our families, our friend’s circles have been confined to our closest friends. And I believe we are appreciating the simple things in life that we took for granted, that are given to us every day we wake and are alive for one more day.

Though is has been hard, not being able to kiss and hug the ones we love, not being there in moments that were needed, jobs have been lost, some have seen  their businesses shrunk and some others not. We have all, some how been affected.  This is why I decided to start this website, to sponsor my family members and friends, brave enough to continue their entrepreneurship, or start a new.  The shoptends website allows me to present them,  their products and services to others, so maybe you and your friends will support them with your purchase, if you like what they have to offer.

Hope you like what you see and help support my friends and family.

Buy local,  buy Texas, buy USA

Maria Noack

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

— Nelson Mandela

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  1. Maria, I think this is a great idea! I like the way you have addressed the new normal. Definitely I would look up for Christmas presents in this site to support local businesses.

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