Macramé has been a popular way to decorate for many years. It was very popular during the 1970’s when I was growing up. I have happy memories of watching my mamamama (this is how we called our grandmother as she did not want to be called grandma, this sounded too old 🙂 ) knitting, crocheting and doing beautiful macramé pieces. I still can picture my mamamama’s small chunky fingers knotting away making her plant hangers. All her macramé pieces, textured pillows, place mats, etc., were made of natural cotton cord, color cotton cord was not as popular then.

I was thrilled to find out that my friend Gabriela had become a macramé crafter.  She started her new hobby about a couple years ago. She wanted to create something with her own hands and as she reflected on a New Year’s Day  “the beautiful art of Macramé stumbled upon” her hands.

So much is being done in Macramé, beautiful pieces that can bring warmth into a home or office. There is also what I call “modern” macramé as opposed to the traditional macramé. I bought a set of modern napkins rings (picture above), and while I also liked the more traditional styles, my home is more modern than traditional, so modern napkin rings go better.

I chose the ones in natural color, as is more versatile and will blend in easily with my various color’s tablecloths, especially during the holidays. But you can choose more colorful ones with autumn colors like mustard or amber, or reds for Xmas

Gabriela’s online shop has a variety of beautiful macramé items for the holidays, cushion covers, Xmas tree ornaments,  and many dining essentials ( check out various napkin ring styles 🙂 ) such as coasters, that will help  brighten your dining table this holiday season.  If you shop online, delivery is free in the continental USA. I got my napkin rings packed beautifully and a hand-drawn thank you note. Well, that made me feel special!

In her Pinterest and website page Gabriela demos basic macramé knots for beginners, to get you started.  You can see more of her past and current macramé artwork at,  and if you like any of the past work, she will re-create that design for you. Also, you can find out about  upcoming events where you can meet her and shop.

Let’s celebrate this holiday season and be thankful for the gift of live and of loving friends and family.

Happy Holidays!

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